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How do I choose?

“How do I Choose the Right Therapy for My Child?”

One of the most important decisions a parent must make after receiving an autism diagnosis is the type of therapy best suited for their child. This decision comes at a time when parents are thrust into a new and very overwhelming world of unheard of terms, programs, acronyms, and health professionals. As a parent of an autistic child, you are not born knowing which treatment is best suited for your child. This choice comes with much research and a lot of experience, support, and guidance.

Autism treatments come in the form of many approaches and styles. Some treatments focus on reducing behavioral problems, increasing the child’s vocabulary, communication, and social skills. There are other kinds of therapy that focus on motor skills, sensory issues, and the child’s ever-changing range of emotions.

As a parent, it is extremely important to educate yourself. Do the research. Talk to professionals who are experienced and successful in providing these therapies and most importantly, do notbe afraid to ask questions. The needs of every child on the ASD spectrum are different. The best treatment is the one that attends to all of your child’s needs and may require different types or styles of therapy. Remember, each situation is unique and there is no one plan that fits all children.

We at the PAC welcome the opportunity to consult and provide you with information to help you choose the right therapy plan to fit the needs of you and your child. Contact us at (318) 302-6000 or visit us at the

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