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Beginners Guide to Treatment

Many parents struggle with what to do when their child is diagnosed with Autism.  They explore the Internet in all of its wisdom to find the best advice possible.  Unfortunately, they realize very quickly there are thousands of opinions out there on what you should do.  So here are some simple steps to follow to get the best results.     1.    Focus on getting treatment now.  Do not wait! Research has proven time and time again that early intervention puts […]

How do I choose?

“How do I Choose the Right Therapy for My Child?” One of the most important decisions a parent must make after receiving an autism diagnosis is the type of therapy best suited for their child. This decision comes at a time when parents are thrust into a new and very overwhelming world of unheard of terms, programs, acronyms, and health professionals. As a parent of an autistic child, you are not born knowing which treatment […]